Creating and being artistic is so valuable to YellowFoxCo. Passion and design come before business. As you can tell, not all the items are the same. The goal is to have a collection of unique quality hand-made goods to make your creative space one-of-a-kind. We support and value local economy. Our goal this year is to have 100% of materials, lumber, and hardware to all be from local retailers. 

YellowFoxCo. started in my fathers garage. Learning how to create my designs with wood is where it all began. I spent many long nights of trial and error perfecting the outcome. As my business grew, so did my craft. Every item is made from scratch with time and effort it put into each piece. Quality hand-made goods is what YellowFoxCo. is all about.

All of our products are made with integrity and passion. The goal is to make YellowFoxCo. that "one" place where you can find a wide variety of unique hand crafted goods to fit your personality and style. We stay true to our vision and aim to keep creating authentic goods for your everyday life.

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